Yesterday I came to a friend’s house and weigh myself on a scale. At first I measures at 54 kg, but I’m still wearing my shoes and my clothes so I lock the toilet door and undress myself and….lo and behold! I weigh 52 kg! 😀

Yes I know I’m still too thin since my height is 170 cm so my Body Mass Index is 18.0, which means that I’m still underweight. Beside that, I don’t feel like I’m fatter.

But still, it’s a great achievement for me since for a long time (I think it’s since 12 years ago) my weight never even reaches 50 kg and never even get around 45 kg! So one threshold has been reached, I’ve been this day when my weight is heavier than 50 kg. Next target: 60 kg and a routine workout at the gym!

But I don’t want to be a gym fascist nor a gym bunny (that’s Geget‘s term. I don’t know where she coined the term).


  1. Gue mawwu juga nambah berat badan. Tapi kayaknya sih udah mengingat rok gue jadi berasa sempit. Mungkin benar kata Umay yang diriwayatkan dari bokapnya:
    penyakit mahasiswa s2: kalau masih single, gemuk; kalau udah nikah, punya anak. Bhuwahaha…

  2. Wah kayaknya sekarang dah turun lagi gara-gara banyak kerjaan dan suka pulang kantor malem-malem… 😦

    Cowok katanya kalau dah kawin nanti jadi gendut, karena ada yang ngurusin, hahahaha…ngomong patriarkal begini bisa dikepruk gw sama gerakan feminis :p

  3. satu lagi penyakitnya: PENYAKIT KULIT. kalo nggak gatel-gatel tanpa penyebab ya kadas, kurap, panu, eksim, kutu air, dll.

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